Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Reviews of popular novels such as “The Lord of the Rings” or “Foundation series” written by outstanding authors

Novel by Robert A. Heinlein

Here is such a translation. There are still “Star infantry”, “Space Marines” and “Soldiers of space”. Hello dear readers and subscribers of Blog about fantasy and fiction! Today we have a very interesting, meaningful and iconic work “starship troopers” Robert Heinlein, 1959. Genres: hard science fiction, social fiction, Thriller. I see it something like that. […]

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Review of the book “Contact” by Carl Sagan

Science fiction that a genre that I loved within My Own Youth and somehow abandoned within my own more young decades. However science fiction mostly expects that our long run. And that doesn’t wish to understand what is later on. Largely as a result with the intriguing style. Wish to Speak about Sci-Fi book of […]

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Robert Sheckley “The smell of thought”

Today I want to start with a little review opinions on the story by Robert Sheckley “the Smell of thought”. At the time, he has escaped my attention, and a recent tip from major kolz was very helpful. Thank you. The story was written in 1954, with the original name “The Odor of Thought”. Further, […]

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How science fiction becoming reality

Now the TVs are not inferior in image quality to the cinema and have the function to play back 3D-images as modern video games have such colorful and vivid picture that the reality may seem less realistic than the virtual world. Only the lazy has not commented on the impact of social networking on modern […]

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