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What or who rule the world?

The previous article on a philosophical topic has caused a great resonance in the comments. I even asked that I do not like writing. Well, actually I said everything I wanted yet. So I do obey, and in this note do not write anything new. I’ll just cite a few relevant, in my opinion, the […]

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William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” Part 3

Paradoxically, it’s the countless graphics of firearms and military devices associated with violence and war that they also emphasize the catastrophe of the active facet of their nature of Hamlet. Even the whole Arsenal of inventive way of catastrophe used to generate many graphics such as its recognition of this standard horrible battle, of isolation […]

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William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” Part 2

All of them Celebrate the Renaissance strategy of unlimited evolution of the person, and therefore, as opposed to Montaigne, that appreciated both the step and stability, in such pictures, as is feature of this literature of this Renaissance, embodied the amazing fire, the radical development one particular aspect of an individual. Extreme don Quixote has […]

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