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What is the difference between comedy and tragedy?

Comedy and catastrophe as striking landscapes compared to each other. Works which they also presented a very various effect on the audience. What distinguishes Saved out of catastrophe, and that’s embedded at the grounds of all these? Know it. Equally genres belong into two elements of artwork: science and theater. To put it differently, they […]

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The life of Friedrich Nietzsche

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche considered himself more a musician than a philosopher. The music he loved to oblivion, composed himself, and worshipped the works of Richard Wagner, who was on friendly terms. But still not music, and his paradoxical arguments about religion, morality, culture, society left a mark in the history of the twentieth […]

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Philosophical discussions Part 3

Christianity appeared in connection with the fact that Jesus Christ ascended to heaven (conquered death), how would you explain your physics? Isn’t it an established fact? It remains only to believe. If it is necessary to the person, then I agree. But if someone tells me to believe something here is worth thinking about. Faith does […]

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Philosophical discussions Part 2

If the system of moral values of the person are articulated through the concept of “God”, nothing wrong with that. But very often don’t stop there. But I find it easier to assume (in accordance with the principle of “Occam’s razor”) that the world is not run by God, and the laws of physics. About […]

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Philosophical discussions Part 1

I am publishing part of the correspondence (of course, with the permission of the recipient), which discusses article about materialism. Before reading it is recommended to read this article. Here again (in other words, and maybe a few more) described some scientific facts that need to be considered, and is opposed to scientific and religious […]

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