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The life of Henry Ford Part 2

Henry became General Manager. Being himself a mechanic autodidact, Ford willingly hired the same nuggets to the plant: “Specialists are so intelligent and experienced that they know exactly why not to do sounds, they always see the limits and obstacles. If I wanted to destroy the competition, I would give them hordes of experts.” Automobile […]

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The life of Henry Ford Part 1

Henry Ford was born July 30, 1863 in the family of a Michigan farmer, an emigrant from Ireland. Father was dissatisfied with it, considering it lazy and gentle, the son was acting as the Prince, accidentally finding ourselves on the farm. Everything he was told, Henry did reluctantly. He hated chickens and cows could not […]

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Robert Sheckley “The smell of thought”

Today I want to start with a little review opinions on the story by Robert Sheckley “the Smell of thought”. At the time, he has escaped my attention, and a recent tip from major kolz was very helpful. Thank you. The story was written in 1954, with the original name “The Odor of Thought”. Further, […]

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The main works of Socrates

The early philosopher, the educator of Plato, hailed the best of an actual blossom from the historical memory of humankind. With all the identify of Socrates is connected to the 1st fundamental branch of this foundation of early doctrine on pre and post Socratic (that the “Pre Socratics”), representing the ancient attraction of philosophers hundreds […]

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Editing for beginners

This article should write for a long time. In the framework of the blog was highlighted many of the issues and problems of literary process, but to the most basic hands somehow did not reach. In the article “How to write a story? Beginner’s guide to” did I mention that editing is the third and […]

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