Texts, in which entrepreneurs, scientists, artists describe their life as detailed as possible

The life of Immanuel Kant

The German philosopher Immanuel Kant was in all rare constancy. It can be called a slave of his own habits. The Germans themselves were surprised at the punctuality of the scientist. He had Breakfast, lunch and dinner at certain times, he has never been late and never left his native Konigsberg. He was entirely immersed […]

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The life of Friedrich Nietzsche

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche considered himself more a musician than a philosopher. The music he loved to oblivion, composed himself, and worshipped the works of Richard Wagner, who was on friendly terms. But still not music, and his paradoxical arguments about religion, morality, culture, society left a mark in the history of the twentieth […]

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The life of Jules Verne

French author Jules Verne enjoy is believed that the Creator of the fresh genre of science fiction. His novels helped subscribers choose an remarkable travel round our planet, to pay a visit to the mystical island on to the depths of this sea. He generated graphics of the daring and noble captains, explorers, generally prepared […]

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The life of Henry Ford Part 2

Henry became General Manager. Being himself a mechanic autodidact, Ford willingly hired the same nuggets to the plant: “Specialists are so intelligent and experienced that they know exactly why not to do sounds, they always see the limits and obstacles. If I wanted to destroy the competition, I would give them hordes of experts.” Automobile […]

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The life of Henry Ford Part 1

Henry Ford was born July 30, 1863 in the family of a Michigan farmer, an emigrant from Ireland. Father was dissatisfied with it, considering it lazy and gentle, the son was acting as the Prince, accidentally finding ourselves on the farm. Everything he was told, Henry did reluctantly. He hated chickens and cows could not […]

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Principles of Benjamin Franklin

Caring about the future of their country and society, Benjamin Franklin left to posterity a rather detailed autobiography about his journey from apprentice to private business and large social projects. Thanks to her we now can learn about those attitudes and events that helped him become one of the most famous people in the world, […]

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The life of Aesop

When Alexander the great demanded that Athens give him the orator Demosthenes, bitterly opposed him, Demosthenes told the Athenians the Aesop’s fable about how the wolf got the sheep to give him a watchdog. The sheep obeyed, gave up and left without protection. The wolf quickly strangled all of them. The Athenians took the hint […]

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