Great literary masterpieces by Shakespeare, Twain, Dickens, Orwell

Analysis: George Orwell “1984” Part 3

Yes, Orwell interesting plays with the separation of the party from the people, the cult of personality, which sometimes only covers the interests. But nowhere there is the elite, which would hold power not from economic interests, but just control and sadism sake. History has shown that even the ruling elite in the Union, pursuing […]

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Analysis: George Orwell “1984” Part 2

Back in Oceania, at which in fact the publication, the most ideology of English socialism, keeping merely a strictly traditional romantic relationship with Marxism, by which it originated. All Around the destroy, the shortage, the banning pleasure and novelty. The provisions include and whistleblowing. To keep up General manager of job of many ministries: the […]

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Analysis: George Orwell “1984” Part 1

It’s known as Pairing, it’s still thought to be a “masterpiece of anti-totalitarian assumed” plus also a sort of Bible of this anticommunists. Concerning why this job is just the governmental item of this cold war, saturated in lies, clichés and unjustified hyperbole, composed into the pile a two faced informer, however why’s the publication […]

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Who is Big Brother?

Big Brother. Everyone at least once heard of it. Insatiable taskmaster, eagerly devouring your secrets. He is hiding in the verdant trees, jammed salons taxi, smoke filled pubs, and filled with a thick vapor baths. He is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The illusion, from the eyes which can’t hide no one and […]

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