Philosophical Books

Wisdom from Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle

Physics vs philosophy

The philosophy I first learned from an old journal “Science and life”, in the seventh grade, and I thought she was very cool. Judge for yourself: the very General view of being and cognition. And the fundamental question of philosophy about the primacy of life and consciousness seemed the most exciting. Then I decided that […]

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The relativity of truth

Last year when I was preparing for the exam on philosophy, one of the sources discovered about this phrase: “many of the issues standing before philosophy, solved in other Sciences”. With this formulation could not agree more. Moreover, new issues find a scientific explanation (recently, scientists revealed details of the mechanism of memory in animals). […]

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What or who rule the world?

The previous article on a philosophical topic has caused a great resonance in the comments. I even asked that I do not like writing. Well, actually I said everything I wanted yet. So I do obey, and in this note do not write anything new. I’ll just cite a few relevant, in my opinion, the […]

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Materialism in philosophy

All who are bored, can be free. And who wants to know what I mean by this concept and why I consider myself a materialist, unable to read further. I have my own point of view. Also I have not studied philosophy, so I can quietly, not looking at all sorts of principles or constraints, […]

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Philosophical discussions Part 3

Christianity appeared in connection with the fact that Jesus Christ ascended to heaven (conquered death), how would you explain your physics? Isn’t it an established fact? It remains only to believe. If it is necessary to the person, then I agree. But if someone tells me to believe something here is worth thinking about. Faith does […]

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Philosophical discussions Part 2

If the system of moral values of the person are articulated through the concept of “God”, nothing wrong with that. But very often don’t stop there. But I find it easier to assume (in accordance with the principle of “Occam’s razor”) that the world is not run by God, and the laws of physics. About […]

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Philosophical discussions Part 1

I am publishing part of the correspondence (of course, with the permission of the recipient), which discusses article about materialism. Before reading it is recommended to read this article. Here again (in other words, and maybe a few more) described some scientific facts that need to be considered, and is opposed to scientific and religious […]

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How to make your own philosophy

We often hear from the other phrase: “it Is my philosophy”. But often the words do not worth anything because the philosophy is irrelevant. In fact, the essence of the philosophy of life is that you often have to sacrifice nice things for the sake of their principles. Its development is a fascinating, but extremely […]

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The main works of Socrates

The early philosopher, the educator of Plato, hailed the best of an actual blossom from the historical memory of humankind. With all the identify of Socrates is connected to the 1st fundamental branch of this foundation of early doctrine on pre and post Socratic (that the “Pre Socratics”), representing the ancient attraction of philosophers hundreds […]

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