Monthly Archives: March 2018

A fable vs a poem

Composed oeuvre. In a few of the roles carry their area from the poem and also the fable. They truly are largely alike but possess human faculties. Thus, what distinguishes a fable out of the poem? What’s a fable along with also a poem The poem is known as tiny (compared to, as an instance, […]

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Fantasy or science fiction?

It was supposed to be a short answer to a simple question… Alas, failed to happen. My literary passions always oscillated between fantasy and science fiction. How did this happen? The first “thick” book for me was the trilogy “a Wizard of Earth sea” by Ursula Le GUIN. It is considered that this trilogy, along […]

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Best books for every smart person

To achieve professional heights, to be successful and happy, no need to change the world. We should start with ourselves learn to deal with their own shortcomings and to develop their best qualities. We have compiled the TOP 10 best books on self-development. Myself MBA This “tutorial” will teach the most important fundamentals of business […]

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