Modern Literature

Books and stories that were written in a few recent years and cover the most actual subjects

5 contemporary books for the wide range of readers Part 1

Book Arsenal will once again represent almost the whole range of modern literature from “applied”, popular science genre to its artistic best-selling domestic and foreign markets. However, there will always remain the book, beyond any seasonal hype fair sample. It is they, in my opinion, you should pay attention by visiting one of the most […]

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Classic vs modern literature

Reading is not only one of the types of speech activity, but also a pleasant way to spend your free time. Reading English literature is required at any stage of learning. The main thing is to choose a book, based on your interests and goals. Very often this choice begins with the question: classic or […]

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A Guide to Writing Sociology Papers

Sociology is definitely an exciting subject. It is a common thing to analyze people individually, however, the sociology deals with social matters in a broad sense. The changes in the society happen quite often and it’s really interesting to observe them. This subject is considered as a science that concentrates on investigating the community from […]

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A research paper on significance of HRM

Human resource management research paper assignment becomes more and more valuable in colleges and universities since the scope of this subject becomes wider day by day. If you need to write about the importance, that won’t be difficult. The only thing one needs to consider carefully is finding the relevant sources since it is not […]

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