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10 tips for writers Part 2

Use a Board with cards (from the book “save the cat!”) A technique which utilizes a screenwriter Blake Snyder, is a cork Board and cards. Hang a large cork Board on the wall, take the card with episodes, blocks, your future excerpts of the text (novel, article, report) and using drawing pins, attach these cards […]

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10 tips for writers Part 1

Writing skills are in demand in many fields journalism, copywriting, literature, fiction and non-fiction, blogging. If you want to write your own novel, to create any texts creatively and freely, use these ten tips that we have collected many books about writing skill. Make sure that your topic is interesting to the reader “What can […]

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How to write a story?

Today article will be a kind of beginner’s guide to writers workshop, eager, but do not know how to write a story. In it I have tried to outline the basic stages and give basic recommendations that will allow new writers to avoid gross errors. It is no secret that when a person first sits […]

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What is cyberpunk Part 3

Accordingly, “pure” cyberpunk only what satisfies the spirit of the movement, similar external attributes are not taken into account at all. Therefore, it can be attributed to fantasy, it would seem, “the Daughter of the iron dragon” Sanbika, but not “Maze of reflections”, as well as the entire “dev”, from the pen of authors, regardless […]

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What is cyberpunk Part 2

Telepaths living in your isolated little world, and penetrating all spheres of human activities. The power of big business, which combines the features of modern American giants and multinational mega corporations at the Gibson. Brought to idiocy, degenerate American dream. That’s where the characters live Bester. And the main role in his novels was given […]

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What is cyberpunk Part 1

It amuses me how now, twenty years after the natural death of cyberpunk as a literary movement, are all companies that are trying to galvanize a corpse. Well, that is, the same Deus Ex in 2000 was appropriate. But in 2015? In the era of iPhones and seals in Instagram? To better understand what cyberpunk […]

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How to Compose Essays on Sociology

Much effort is required for sociology essay writing, as one needs to possess good writing skills critical thinking. Such type of paper has a specific feature which should be kept in mind and such feature lies in clearness and objectiveness. Further, you’ll find more information on how to create a good composition. Sociology essay structure […]

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How to write a book

It looks like producing a publication might simply be something properly, incredibly particular. How is it that people get it? Obviously, so as to generate his job, also want substantial expertise, and imagination that is remarkable, and endurance, and dedication, and also, obviously, the capability to share their ideas in your newspaper. If that really […]

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Editing for beginners

This article should write for a long time. In the framework of the blog was highlighted many of the issues and problems of literary process, but to the most basic hands somehow did not reach. In the article “How to write a story? Beginner’s guide to” did I mention that editing is the third and […]

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