The life of Henry Ford Part 1

Henry Ford was born July 30, 1863 in the family of a Michigan farmer, an emigrant from Ireland. Father was dissatisfied with it, considering it lazy and gentle, the son was acting as the Prince, accidentally finding ourselves on the farm. Everything he was told, Henry did reluctantly. He hated chickens and cows could not tolerate milk.

“Already in early youth I thought that much you can do otherwise any other way.” For example, he, Henry, every morning have to climb up steep stairs, carrying a bucket of water. Why do it every day, if you can merely be laid under the ground two meters of water pipes?

When the son was twelve, his father gave him a pocket watch. He is not tempted teased with a screwdriver the lid, and his eyes opened a something wonderful.

The parts of the mechanism interact with each other, one wheel moved more, every cog here was important. Reviewing and collecting watches, the boy thought for a long time. What is the world as one big mechanism? One movement generated by others, everything has its levers. To succeed, you just need to know what levers to press. Henry quickly learned to repair watches and for a time it worked, going around the surrounding farms and taking in repairs embarked chronometers.

The second shock was meeting with the loco mobile. Henry’s father was returning in a cart from the city, when they met a huge, wrapped in steam propelled machine. Ahead of the wagon and frightened the horses, fuming and Sizzling monster sped past. At this point, Henry half-lives would give to be there, in the cabin of the driver.

In 15 years, Mr. Ford left school and night on foot, without telling anyone, went to Detroit: he’ll never be a farmer, as my dad wants.

A gifted novice

At the factory, where he settled, made wagons for horse drawn trams. Here he did not last long. Ford had only to touch the broken mechanism to understand what is the fault. A gifted newcomer envied by other workers. They did everything they could to survive the upstart from the factory, and has succeeded in this Ford was fired. Later, Henry got on the shipyard of the brothers of the flower. And at night he worked part time repairing hours to pay for the room.

And William Ford, meanwhile, has decided to make one last attempt to bring the son back to farm business: proposed 40 acres of land with the condition that he never in his life utter the word “car”. Suddenly Henry said Yes. The father was pleased with the son, too. Gullible William was unaware that the son is simply fooling him. For Henry, this case served as a lesson: if you want to be king be ready to lie.

Marriage and family life

Henry Ford decided to marry. Clara Bryant was younger than him by three years. They met at the village dance. Ford was a brilliant dancer and struck the girl that showed her his pocket watch and said that it made them myself. They were tied much like Henry, Clara was born into a family of farmers, did not shun any work. The girl’s parents devout men and strict, of course, would not have given her for a young man without a penny, without land and home.

Hastily constructing on the site a comfortable house, Henry settled there with his young wife. Many years later the car, the monarch will say: “My wife believed in my success even stronger than I am. She was always so”. Clara could listen for hours to the arguments of the husband about the idea of creating a horseless carriage. For a long family life she always knew how to keep an elegant balance was interested in the Affairs of man, but never interfered with them.

As time went on. And one day Ford Sr. found the newlyweds cozy cottage deserted Henry and Clara suddenly moved to Detroit, where Ford went to work in the Detroit power company engineer.

The first car Henry Ford

At an identical season at a brick drop supporting the duplex at which he still dwelt by his spouse Clara, Ford ended construction his very first experimental auto. The journalist functioned for fourteen weeks without sleep and rest along with also at 2 each early hours of June 4, found enlighten his spouse which the automobile is all set and also he is currently planning to take action. Termed the and weighing just 500, the automobile had been moving onto 4 Bicycle tires.

An issue of lifestyle Henry Ford

And at exactly the exact same 1893 Henry Ford turns into the primary engineer corporation, devoted to the policy of Detroit, also subsequently in 1899 that the primary engineer of this Detroit vehicle provider. However, after a while there begun to note Ford all of his physical and mental intensity is used petrol vehicle and never to get the job done at the workplace.

Henry offered to take a leadership position with the condition that he will throw his invention. Ford hesitated. The arguments of reason were as follows: the family should contain no savings all went into building the truck. Clara, seeing his hesitation, said, as if Henry Ford nor did she approve of his decision. Resigned, Ford began to “sell themselves”. He was looking for wealthy companion, after all of Henry’s money, as such, there was, and in his new enterprise he took the role of supplier of ideas. But it’s to buy no one wanted.

Biography Henry Ford the end, after Henry drove a businessman Detroit on his trolley at breakneck speed, he has agreed to work with the inventor. “Detroit Automobile company” did not last long. “The car was not a demand, nor is it for any new product. I left his office, deciding never to take a dependent position,” recalled Ford. And again started “trading ideas” the search for companions. The failures fell on him as from a cornucopia, from one office it almost brought power. Finally, in 1903, he registered “Ford Motor”.

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