Dr. Alex Woodward
The website publishes a post on Wednesday about Young Adult Literature. We occasionally post a special Friday edition. Those posts usually focus on an author. We promote through social media.

On Friday I post a “Dr. Bickmore’s YA Wendesday Weekend Pick.” It is a book that I have recently read or a book that has recently resurfaced in my thinking about Young Adult literature. The weekend picks are cataloged on their own page with in the blog. The direct link is here.

At least twice a month the blog post is written by a guest contributor. If you would like to contribute, please contact me with your idea at the email above. The guest blog posts are listed on the Contributors page with a direct link to their post. The contributors are teachers, librarians, graduate students, authors, and scholars.  The postings represent a large range of topics that are appropriate for use in secondary classrooms, book groups, scholars and researchers. These posting can also serve to supplement readings in a Young Adult Literature classroom.  Please browse the posts, if you see a topic that seems to be missing, maybe it is a post you should write.

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