Literature in the Modern World

You can argue about different things, but the fact that literature is extremely important in a person’s life is an indisputable truth. Many generations of people were raised in the best literary works.

Unfortunately, in contemporary society the role of literature is constantly being undermined. And this is the greatest paradox of the 21st century. With all the possibilities of modern technology, with the existence of virtual libraries, electronic devices for reading or listening to books, the audience of readers is decreasing.

Books perform two main functions: informational and aesthetic. Long since, books were a platform for ideas and worldviews. In addition, from generation to generation it was with the help of books that the experience accumulated over the centuries was transmitted. The aesthetic function of books is very important. They teach the beautiful, kind, form the moral principles. In difficult life situations, a person resorts to the book and draws from it wisdom, strength and inspiration. After all, the book is universal, it unconsciously conceals the answer to any question of interest, and everyone is able to see their own truth. Books form not only moral ideals, but also the ideals of appearance and behavior. Heroines and heroes of books become models for imitation. Their images and thoughts are taken as the basis of their own behavior. Therefore, it is so important, in the period of the emergence of the individual, to turn to the right books, which will give the correct guidelines.

About the author

Alex Woodward is author of Wadewilsonart blog. He is proffessor of Miami National Literature Academy already more than 20 years.

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