Robert Sheckley “The smell of thought”

Today I want to start with a little review opinions on the story by Robert Sheckley “the Smell of thought”. At the time, he has escaped my attention, and a recent tip from major kolz was very helpful. Thank you.

The story was written in 1954, with the original name “The Odor of Thought”. Further, it has been included in many collections and anthologies, but, of course, perfectly readable separately from them.

As this story, while pretty short (about 24 thousand characters, slightly more than half of the author’s sheet), I will not habitually break the review into many parts. Only the introduction and a short conclusion. Let’s do this!

Than a good story shackley “the Smell of thought”?

In the first place, his idea. Even after over half a century is obsolete. The action grabs you from the first paragraph… enough for the collar, and causes the stroke to read the story to the end.

An important role is played by the wonderful humor and irony of the narrative. Scene mental struggles are becoming livelier and more exciting, with the development of the plot.

A story good. In good, not extenuating the meaning of these words. You’ve heard many people call mediocre thing outstanding simply because it is good? Now, this is not the case. Don’t have to do any discounts. “The odor of thought” is both a good thing and outstanding work of art.


The work of Robert Sheckley in a small form in the first place, one good feature they do an excellent job with human longing and boredom.

It is ironic prose, which is also called intelligent, seasoned with a fair amount of good humor. The story idea is also good. Now it will not surprise you, but will be of interest the way in which it is presented. And 62 years ago, she was even more beautiful. I here will not tell a story worth to read it yourself.

Who has not read Sheckley stories in General, and “the Smell of thought”, in particular you know what to do.

Strongly recommend to read. I’ve dug up the trilogy “History of red demon”, written by Robert Sheckley in collaboration with Zelazny… Well, I know that in the near future will read, as you now know, a review on a product to wait.

PS Cold winter nights need something to warm up. And to do that you will arrive in the Slavic style, you can buy a samovar inexpensive, and enjoy tea. My advice before you start to drown, will read! The case is not complicated, but requires some skill. See you on the Blog about fantasy and fiction!

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