How to make your own philosophy

We often hear from the other phrase: “it Is my philosophy”. But often the words do not worth anything because the philosophy is irrelevant. In fact, the essence of the philosophy of life is that you often have to sacrifice nice things for the sake of their principles. Its development is a fascinating, but extremely laborious process. You need to understand many things about yourself and your personality. In order to delve into the essence, take our course on self-knowledge. It will answer many questions and allow you to look at yourself with different eyes.

Have some patience and time. The process is not fast, but the long work on oneself will eventually give good results.

Realize that begin a journey

Accept the obligation to live with your eyes open and be flexible. The latter will allow you to change your point of view depending on the received data. No matter what, but it is not a weakness, but a sign of a strong man. But only if they have new facts.

You should also understand that this journey is lifelong and should never stop. It is bad when man decided for himself and does not want to change, even if his experience suggests that it is time to do so. Ability to learn and change is a basis for constructing their own philosophy. Philosophers have also changed their opinion during life, studied a lot of materials and made different conclusions.

Start reading and learn

Many people base their philosophy wrongly. They just decided that the state of Affairs as such and not developed.

Reading and learning based. Not enough to read only what you agree, you need to study the sources, who insist on a different point of view. You accept it or not is a secondary matter, but to see her need.

Read a variety of books: philosophy, ethics, metaphysics, political theory, books on logic. Knowledge is not everything, they need to learn to handle, but they need to see life in all its diversity.

Identify the philosophical course

There are many philosophical currents. Select a few and start to study them. Something you will agree with something there. This is absolutely normal.

But it is not enough only to study the principles of philosophical currents, it is necessary to find out the cause of their occurrence, and all the previous circumstances. You may not be able to become an expert in everything, but to have the understanding you need. Start with Plato, Aristotle and Socrates.

When you start to do it, then find out that there are several types of thinking. They have their advantages, the difficulty is only to know when and where to apply specific of them. To develop their main philosophy is critical thinking.

If you want to develop your thinking from a critical to a logical, complete a course on cognitive science that proposes to pay attention to several key types.

Be patient and allow ideas to Mature

Philosopher for a day or even a month to become impossible. The ideas and principles needs to crystallize, change, and pass the test of time.

Start to keep a journal in which to record their thoughts, ideas and concepts. Patience in this case is necessary because the first page will be given with the work, the ideas are meaningless, banal and stupid. After some time you will see that you learned how to meditate and bring their idea to fruition.

In addition, it is important to answer the following questions:

  • What is philosophy and what is its purpose?
  • I want to apply his philosophy in the private sphere of life or in all? Why?
  • What is the role of philosophy? What it is fundamentally different from science and religion?
  • How can you explain the principles of their own philosophy to other people?
  • Is it possible utopia in our world?
  • As certain currents run counter to my philosophical position?

If I write a fiction book, whether it should reflect my philosophical stance or is it not necessary to impose it?

Talk with those who share your philosophy

Philosophers may be mistaken. In the debates and discussions you can see the weakness of their principles. So join philosophical mug, where you will be able to discuss important issues and topics. Speak with professors of philosophy and argue with them. Find like minded people and opponents of your point of view.

Explore the world and gain experience

Your philosophy may be inconsistent, especially for people living in other countries. Find out what they think and why. Communicate with those who you do not like. Be ready to perceive criticism in the address. Always carry a notebook and pen to jot down interesting phrases of other people.

Keep reading books on philosophy

Type in Google “10 important books on philosophy”, download them and read them. Most likely there will be the basics that you need to know for every person.

Be modern

Even in our crazy world, there are philosophers and their ideas is very interesting. On this link you will find a list of the philosophers of the 21st century. Ask about their work. Why is it important to study them? They put all new questions or assure us that the old issues have lost relevance.

  • The impact of the Internet on identity and the meaning of life;
  • Freedom in the modern world;
  • More or fewer opportunities to get to know yourself?

Consider yourself a philosopher

Having principles does not make you a philosopher. Need a bit more to look at the world philosophically, to think about eternal questions, to develop thinking and to solve the problems of humanity. We wish you good luck!

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