A research paper on significance of HRM

Human resource management research paper assignment becomes more and more valuable in colleges and universities since the scope of this subject becomes wider day by day. If you need to write about the importance, that won’t be difficult. The only thing one needs to consider carefully is finding the relevant sources since it is not that easy to find reliable and relevant articles of HRM. Also, one should be ready to spend a lot of time and effort to compose a good paper. A great attention should be paid to the formatting. The universities, as a rule, provide the students with the specific guidelines, but the general format of research papers in human resource management looks as follows:

An Abstract

Usually, the abstract consists of about 100 words and describes the subject of the research in brief. Here you have to explain the reader the reason you have chosen the topic and how the significance of resource management increases. An abstract is a common part of the majority of academic papers, but still, the length depends on the type of paper. For instance, if you write a thesis about human resource management, an abstract should consist of about 400 words. Keep it in mind when working on the paper or consult with the professor.

The reader has to understand the overall idea of your research and the following subheadings may help:

  1. The background. Here you have to clarify the concept of HRM. After that, the information on the evolution of the field need to be added, and finally, explain the significance of the field.
  2. The problem statement: In this section, you need to provide the reason why you have chosen the topic and why is it so important to analyze the significance of human resource management.
  3. Aims and objectives: These concepts should be presented in points. The following issues may be included:
  • discussing the concept of HRM
  • clarify how it influences the business
  • explore the state of HRM in the companies of particular country or an industry
  • state what areas require improvement in the field
  1. The importance of the study: Here you will present the advantages that your study may provide. In this part, your aim will be to logically explain who and how will be benefited.
  2. The limitations: Point out the problems of the study here.

The Literature Review

Whether you have been assigned a case study for human resource management or a research paper, the literature review is an obligatory part. This section represents what other scholars have explored in the field.

The analysis of the literature can be presented in sub-headings: which may include:

  • The concept: include the definitions provided by few scholars and explain what is HRM
  • The evolution: here explain how the field has grown with the course of time and how it changed.
  • The significance: since the significance is the main topic, you need to focus on it. Underline direct and indirect benefits of HRM, describe the role of it in the success of the organization.


The methodology part usually dwells on such details as the approach, the design of the research, the methods and techniques used, the means of collecting data. Additionally, the limitations of the methodology need to be mentioned.

Data Analysis

As a rule, it depends on the topic which method of analysis to choose. If you are writing about the importance of the human resource management, a qualitative analysis should be applied. You may also mention the descriptive analysis.

The conclusions and findings

The ending section should represent the obtained findings and the analysis of the conducted the study. Also, do not forget to mention the conclusion drawn from the study. Keep in mind that the conclusions need to be related to the main objectives of the research.

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