5 contemporary books for the wide range of readers Part 2

Being among the countrymen from the Galician dialect, a former gold miner from Alaska becomes the old Testament priest in the Brazilian jungle, where there was a colony of immigrants with the name of the New Austria. The further adventures of the pretender, on a par with the same adventurer, the founder of the colony Gabriel (from the village, in Eastern Galicia), evolves as a Western, written with humor, parody and enormous sympathy for his characters, forced by a twist of fate to pose as gods, prophets, and leaders.

Father Baltazar with great honors were in the New Austria, – says the author. – With great honor – that means he trudged, limping and holding his damaged side, and he was accompanied by a procession farmers with curved sabers and wooden rake behind, and ahead fled, shouting father, Father came from the Old land!, barefoot children. The natives in this case the descendants of American pioneers, and the adventures in the novel – nothing like an alternative history of settlement and development of a Wild West Brazilian sample.

The aim with the enchanting, in most perceptions of this leaflet is always to get the results immediately. Each in business and in your life, this is obviously, adore, state, the best front. Just how exactly? To begin with, its own author, Professor Emeritus of psych and promotion Arizona say University and also President of an global consulting agency that delivers professional services within the business of tactical preparation, reveals quite vividly what constitutes a skillful Communicator previous to communicate the exact message which it had been acquired.

As it happens that the most important matter – true time. The preceding creation clever cunning very first getting preventative actions. Thus, proclaiming the worth of progress preparation, the early Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu said: “triumph in most struggle hit until it starts off”. Nicely, Dale Carnegie advocated us: “you Could create more close friends in 2 weeks revealing them unfeigned attention, compared to just two years seeking to interest them into his character”.

These hints are all shrewd, nevertheless they’ve just one drawback that they might need weeks, days, or even weeks of preliminary pursuits. Today we’re enthusiastic about immediate achievement. Along with also his instances within this publication are all. Supplying your goods worth several million bucks, the company it’ll soon be remembered that he “cannot require several thousand”, and also success is going to rest ensured, and also the agreement amongst your spouse is already signed. The exact same generally seems to stay lifestyle. You may spend weeks nobly to convince his preferred person, as an instance, visit a demonstration (or a celebration, a holiday), although it might be well worth recalling that the magical term “union” (“cash”, “gift”), and you also may see which you simply stomped all the time in the area needed to behave instantaneously.

The author of this novel, awarded the 2014 Nobel prize, has repeatedly said that it feels like he writes the same book. Indeed, despite the differences in the stories, all novels and stories by French writer and screenwriter dedicated to the memory of, memories and the unconscious. And if he had previously admitted that “obsessed with the past” (namely, “a shameful era of occupation”), the new novel by cult author it was originally talking about a kind of prototype of the writer with which memory plays strange games.

In the story, the author of several novels, who lives in a Paris apartment, is very like the life of a hermit. But everything goes wrong, and the former peace comes to an end when a mysterious guy returns our hero to his own man. Phone one character from the past who remembers the owner, is very interested benefactor, returned the notebook, but not the memory. Memories of him and the woman who attended the transmission of the notebooks in the past, the poor forgetful hero, bother and the hero and the reader. Which ones are real and which are inspired from stories and novels read in youth.

The missing stranger who appears in spirit in the life of the writer, a young woman who stayed and from which he tries to recall the past all this builds a fascinating romantic design maze. Walk to the end under the force of real gamers with your memory.

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