Who is Big Brother?

Big Brother. Everyone at least once heard of it. Insatiable taskmaster, eagerly devouring your secrets. He is hiding in the verdant trees, jammed salons taxi, smoke filled pubs, and filled with a thick vapor baths. He is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The illusion, from the eyes which can’t hide no one and nothing. With its submission the world is deprived of liberty.

The actions of each member of society is controlled by them. And, God forbid, someone goes against his will. It is the brainchild of excessive popularity, adjacent to Mickey mouse and his cartoon friends, or make your life miserable, or mercifully end it.

Actually, “1984” was written by Eric Arthur Blair. George Orwell is the pseudonym of the English writer born in colonial India. Over 15 years of creativity, he not only invented Big Brother, but also coined the term “Cold War“.

Tonight on Big Brother remembered only in moments, when you wish to remind others about the power of the ruling structures and organizations subject to them. CIA, MI6. At least one of them knows everything about you. You are dealing with someone that you love and hate someone, do you often visit your aging grandmother and how speak about the leading your country to a bright future leader. In the modern world, enveloped in an abundance of all sorts of technologies, the identification of increasing control with the person seems quite natural, because it’s easier to navigate in space. But initially Big Brother personified slightly different things.

Written by George Orwell the novel “1984” Big Brother plays the role of a great leader is a great party. Clear eyes, thick mustache, like the affable father of a neighbor boy, a subtle, but instantly relaxed smile. Kindness and understanding are hidden in every crease of his face. Every second he protects and loves his loyal subjects. His intentions are good. He will sacrifice everything for their happiness. It promotes the ruling party. It needs to trust its members. And they unquestioningly believe.

In fact, under looks down from countless posters mask hides a political regime, the atrocities of which narrates the novel. Not Winston Smith and his failures play a major role in this view. Ingsoc English socialism, the development of the ideas of Soviet communism and Nazism that’s what worth heeding. A terrible beast, gut wrenching, inside out ideas of equality and fraternity, sung by Marx and Engels.

But before introduction to “1984” you need to understand one very important thing. Despite cult status, this is pure fiction. Sometimes crumpled and meaningless, filled with faceless characters and occasionally depressing. Its language is unpretentious, but thoughts do not differ with depth, although the depicted world from the first seconds impresses by its ugliness. This is not a book that from the first seconds of meeting you want to recommend to friends and family. She aggressively takes time. But it’s worth it to give it, how everything falls into place.

Later, two thirds of Orwell’s novel changes in the face. Stupid fuss fades into the background, boring characters lose their former influence and comes into play the primary idea of the entire book power and a detailed analysis of its ugliness. With it comes depth, topicality and terrifying believability.

The novel is set in an alternative London of the sample in 1984, which is a part of the country Oceania. But surely to say that on the title date is true, it is impossible. The party not burdened by name, breaks the present and builds the future by changing the past. Data flow in the new cell, taking with them their associated events, and radically change their essence. To do this, there is even a special camera. Thanks to him every day on paper are born of dummy persons, events and facts. The ruling elite, like a puppet master, gesturing memories subject population. It follows one of the main ideas of the book he who controls the past, controls the present.

If the fraud makes society happy, it is possible to close eyes. But in the hands of the party and Big Brother is another lever of pressure. Society is mired in repression, violence and pain. Children ratting on parents, love is dead, sex has gone from displays of affection in the duty. People are no longer able to think for themselves. For them, it makes the party and its laws.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength

In this world humanity is completely deprived of freedom everywhere, starting with the musty apartments to abandoned suburban trails, placed the listening device and camera. People have nowhere to retire to be given to reflection on the prevailing tumults. Most of all completely satisfied. They simply do not realize that can be better. Screaming about the success of the party propaganda machine is doing its job. And those who are starting to doubt, correct thought police. Torture, humiliation, blood and sweat, their work does not prohibitions. The results and secure the future of the party.

Big Brother must be pleased

In addition, Oceania is in a state of continuous war. With Eurasia or Eastasia. No matter who plays the role of opponent, the important fact of opposition. As well as rolling on civilians rocket, executions of captured opponents and report progress on the front. The war not only allows you to burn the excessive production capacity across the country, but also to maintain in the population a unifying hatred of the enemy. This is another way to hide the monstrosity standing at the helm of people.

To describe in details the device created by Orwell in the world, to build causal connections and to savor the truths, but it will spoil the experience from a personal acquaintance with the book. The author himself copes with this task, and in it lies the beauty. It is important to know only one thing all of the above is only a small part of the imagination of the writer, find their way in this book. Its charm lies in the fact that it very clearly depicts the ugliness of totalitarian regimes and the horror that could turn ordinary people whose craving for power. This is a warning, cloaked in robes of dystopia and affecting its credibility. To leave it unattended is a serious mistake.

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