The Martian

Today I want to tell you about a very popular book by Andy Weir “the Martian”, and the eponymous film from Director Ridley Scott which is an adaptation of the book.

As for the book for me, at the time it was a mystery that I picked up. After all, this is the debut novel of the author, and immediately in the genre of “hard” science fiction. But after hearing accolades, I much was expected of it.

But in the film I was relatively sure. From Ridley Scott has a lot of decent work: “Gladiator”, “Kingdom of heaven”, “Hannibal” and many others.

On the other hand, he had his misfires. For example, “Exodus: gods and kings” and the controversial “Prometheus”. Not bad, but the movie was not as good as I expected.

And now “the Martian”. Last year there was a General trend of movies about space and sci-Fi movies. Offhand: “Interstellar”, “Gravity”, “Prometheus”. So, in the future you can expect films on the theme of space science fiction. But let’s first deal with the source.

“The Martian” author Andy Weir

Read the description of the book and watching her presentation, it gives to understand what to expect from her. How to position and most importantly, is it worth spending your time on it.

From these sources I learned something about the book, and thought that I will be a psychological drama about the survival of a lone astronaut on Mars. His team was considered dead comrade, and the storm, are unable to bring the deceased, leaving the planet’s surface.

But mark survived and is now forced to find a way to continue to live, not to give up. You need to tell NASA how to feed themselves, and just go crazy.

Soil, perfect for the theme of loneliness, light of madness and the gradual change in the psyche. All seasoned with survival on a desolate planet with the solution of scientific problems and everyday issues, which in this context are often one and the same.

What I saw in the book?

The nature of the protagonist is not disclosed, it is one-sided and flat. The role of a good sense of humor helps revelation of character, though, and makes the narrative more interesting. Jokes dilute scientific terms, making the reading much easier.

Activity Mark on Mars is presented in the form of his video diary in which he reports on his adventures, progress and problems.

His nerves are made of steel, it and gushes sense of humor. The only thing he says about his team is complaining about bad music on their gadgets. Seriously?

Psychological drama and does not smell. Of maturity of the characters is not close.

As for the video, I immediately remembered the story “Flowers for Algernon” in which this idea was implemented in a text format. But I don’t want details to compare this book with the work of Daniel Keyes they share only one similar idea.

The narration sometimes is transferred to the Ground, and oddly enough, it is well perceived. A team of scientists from around the world is planning the evacuation of astronaut, applying for this all their strength, trying to invest in, and without having a tight schedule, eating something he had very little, a bit tarry, no one will be saved.

The irony is that in the book about the Martian “Robinson Crusoe” somewhere in the second half of the book the narrative on the Ground is perceived better and more interesting to read.

The plot is predictable. Who has not read and did not look I will not spoil, and so you all will know. Too obvious. The ending, at least, crumpled and steep.

And now about the advantages of the book “the Martian”

If you lower the bar assessment, which are by definition high (bestseller, the film adaptation of the huge sales and popularity), and to consider the book not as fiction of the highest class, where this book is and is not, we can distinguish here the following advantages:

Easy language written, reads quickly, simply and without tension. With an eye on the numerous scientific terms it’s not so bad, it’s not overloaded with language.

Read fascinating, and you can master the book in one sitting. There are interesting facts and information from different Sciences. You can take something.

A tarp and some duct tape on the ground for any survivalist. Duct tape can fix absolutely everything, including the space suit to patch up. Would be the book the blue tape, that would be even cooler. Do not expect revelations. This debut novel, as if created to be the script for the film. Perhaps the word “if” here superfluous.

It is not Stanislaw LEM and not Robert Heinlein. Don’t look for profound ideas and allusions to contemporary society and problems.

The book “the Martian” is designed to promote space activities in General and NASA in particular. It turned out to be life-affirming and unreasonably cheerful.

And copes with its task.

The verdict

For everyone who just wants to have a good time I recommend. Fans of “hard” science fiction, read classics of the genre it’s better to refrain.

The Film “The Martian” By Ridley Scott

Just last night I went to the cinema and experience the film left a good. Overcame the main, in my opinion, the weakness of the book the main character. Played by Matt Damon is no longer the flat character that was in the original. Separate notice, as the actor had to change for a believable appearance in the last half hour of screen time. Food – what little we have to save, and Matt dropped a dozen pounds, becoming almost a skeleton.

And anyway, the cast is pleasing. Damon, Chastain, Sean Bean and other good actors. Incidentally, until the last minute, was wondering how the character will die Sean bean this time. The jokes still make the narrative more fun, and a video of Mark here, though present, but not in the foreground. Of the minuses still very predictable. Okay I read the source, but in the movie I saw myself, and people do not read the book, quietly guessing what will happen next.

But overall, this is the rare case where I liked the movie more than the book. Ridley Scott really knows how to make good films. Perhaps, it is possible and “Exodus: gods and kings” to forgive. My opinion I recommend you to go to the movies.

I liked the movie more than other films about space in recent years. Read good books, see good movies. See you on the Blog about fantasy and fiction!

If you are interested in reviews of books of other genres, apart from fantasy and science fiction, visit Book bloggers. In it you will find a lot of related books that are worth reading.

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