The life of Jules Verne

French author Jules Verne enjoy is believed that the Creator of the fresh genre of science fiction. His novels helped subscribers choose an remarkable travel round our planet, to pay a visit to the mystical island on to the depths of this sea. He generated graphics of the daring and noble captains, explorers, generally prepared to arrive at the rescue. His operates he called scientific discoveries and creations, particularly that the arrival of the Aqualung, distance traveling. His support humanity for the reason he invited that the romantics to learn more about our Earth.

Being a young child, Jules desired to traveling on the planet. Town in which he had been first born and dwelt, the early Nantes, in the coast of this estuary of the Loire, that escapes into the Atlantic ocean. And at the vent of Nantes remained sailing boats coming from other states of earth. The boy had been 11 yrs. older once he covertly out of his mother and father moved into the vent and also questioned the captain that the three schooner to shoot him as a cabin boy. The priest consented, Jules rose aboard and also the boat flew. The dad, a famous attorney, hurried on pursuit, also in the neighborhood steamer scarcely captured schooner. Son he taken out of this, however, never convinced. Jules reported that today he’ll be made to traveling in fantasies.

The boy graduated from the Nantes Royal Lyceum, came out with the best certification, ready to go in his footsteps. He taught that the legal profession is very profitable and honorable. In 1847 he went to Paris and graduated from the school of law, received the diploma of the lawyer, but took up writing. Nantes dreamer began to Express their imagination on paper. He first wrote the Comedy “the Broken straws”, showed Dumas the elder, and he consented to her placement in its Historical theater. The play was a success, the young author’s praises.

He began to write comedies, dramas, articles in Newspapers and magazines, but it’s got a mere pittance. A father who realized his son would never become a lawyer, financially it is not supported.

In 1862, Verne wrote his first adventure novel “Five weeks in a balloon” and took the manuscript to the Paris publisher Pierre Jules Etzel. He read it and realized that I had stumbled upon a talented author, and immediately signed a contract with him for 20 years. Jules Verne undertook once a year to take to a publisher 2 new works. The novel “Five weeks in a balloon” instantly sold out. It brought him not only fame, but wealth.

Jules Verne realized my childhood dream, I bought a yacht “Saint Michel” and went on a long sea voyage. In 1862 he sailed to the shores of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In 1867 crossed the Atlantic and arrived in North America. While traveling Vern did write, but do not forget about your main job, and returned to Paris immediately sat down behind the Desk. In 1864 he wrote “journey to the center of the Earth”, followed by “Travel and adventures of captain Hatteras”, and “From the earth to the moon”. In 1867 came the famous novel “Children of captain Grant”, in 1870 “20 000 leagues under the sea”. The greatest success enjoyed his book “Around the world in 80 days”, which was published in 1872.

Money, fame, everything was but noisy Paris was already irritated, and Verne moved to a provincial and quiet Amiens. He taught himself to work like a machine, got up at 5 in the morning until 7 in the evening wrote. Break only for tea, food and reading. Fortunately, he chose a suitable wife, which he knew and created him comfortable. Every day he looked at a lot of Newspapers and magazines, make the necessary cuts, putting them in a file Cabinet. During his life, Jules Verne wrote a total of 63 novel 20 novels, dozens of short stories and plays. He was awarded the most honorable award the Big award of the French Academy, was among the so called “immortal”.

Unfortunately, the last years of his life were for the Jules Verne is not very happy. He became blind but continued to dictate his works to his last breath.

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