The life of Immanuel Kant

The German philosopher Immanuel Kant was in all rare constancy. It can be called a slave of his own habits. The Germans themselves were surprised at the punctuality of the scientist. He had Breakfast, lunch and dinner at certain times, he has never been late and never left his native Konigsberg.

He was entirely immersed in scientific research. Kant was convinced that human knowledge begins with experience, but to explore the world before the end of the people cannot. His teachings later formed into a separate branch of philosophy, called “Kantianism” and the works had a huge impact on the development of world philosophy.

Where he was passing: “I met a little, thin old man, perfectly white and tender.” Kant in that period was ordinary Professor at Konigsberg University. Women’s clothing here cheap wholesale. About three hours continued their conversation. Talked about travel, about China, about the opening of new lands.

Was amazed at the vastness of the knowledge of the old man, then they touched on philosophical themes. He recorded some of the utterances of the scientist, which he was particularly struck by: “Man can never be absolutely content with what he has, and always strives for new acquisitions”. “Give a man everything he desires and at the same moment he will feel that this everything is not everything”.

But the conclusion that made of this conversation, was somewhat obscures: “Kant spoke quietly and unintelligible. To listen it had a lot of stress. It’s simple, all except his metaphysics.”

Kant was born in the family of a craftsman. None of the 12 children did not seek education as Immanuel. The boy was in poor health, and the doctors prescribed him a strict daily routine, but he managed to finish the local school, and in 1740 he entered the University of Konigsberg. He was attracted by mathematics and astronomy, where he showed his talent Analytics.

After graduation, Kant, constrained finances, was forced to earn money tutoring, taught as a home teacher. And so it continued Sending. To get married, he could not at the beginning because of lack of money, and when money appeared, lost interest in women.

The meaning of life, Kant became a science. All the free time he worked on theoretical research. As a result, he managed to create and later to publish their cosmogonic hypothesis of the origin of the Solar system that has not lost its relevance in our time. According to his hypothesis, the initially sparse mass of a substance under the influence of forces of attraction and repulsion emerged vortex flows formed a spinning clumps of matter, which were heated from the friction. Thus, he was the first in European science expressed the idea of the origin of the Sun and other planets.

In 1755, Kant defended his doctoral dissertation, and it gave him the right to teach at the University. In 1770, when he was 46 years old, he was chosen Professor of logic and metaphysics. In this period of time were his fundamental works: “Critique of pure reason”, “Critique of practical reason”, in which he defined the possibilities and limits of knowledge. However, there were no religious motives, there was nothing supernatural, nothing divine.

Metaphysics (“that after physics”) is a branch of philosophy dealing with the initial studies of the nature of reality, existence and the world itself.

And though Kant was a religious man and considered religion to be the bearer of the highest ideals contributing to the moral development of society, the clergy have repeatedly criticized him that his scientific position does not correspond with the Church canons.

In 1794 there was even a Royal decree in which the scientist Immanuel Kant warned about the inadmissibility of to distort and disparage the Sacred Scriptures. However he remained unconvinced that so if God’s existence cannot be proved empirically, it means that It is not.

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