The life of Henry Ford Part 2

Henry became General Manager. Being himself a mechanic autodidact, Ford willingly hired the same nuggets to the plant: “Specialists are so intelligent and experienced that they know exactly why not to do sounds, they always see the limits and obstacles. If I wanted to destroy the competition, I would give them hordes of experts.”

Automobile king never learned in my entire life to read blueprints engineers just did for the boss a wooden mockup and gave him to trial.

In 1905 monetary spouses Ford whined along with his intention to create economical cars and trucks, considering requirement for costly types, the principal holder of stocks Malcolm son Alexander marketed his talk Ford, also Henry Ford was the dog owner of the commanding interest and also the corporation’s President (had been that the President of the business at 1905 1919 as well as at 1943 1945).

Ford Triumph

Biography Henry Fortunestown victory Henry Ford has been the debut of the version “T”, which supposed a change of most of the milestones at the idea of the automotive trade. He established her because of sculptor, reducing most of unnecessary, but made not only even a luxurious toy to its elite, although very affordable product for tens of thousands and tens of thousands of “ordinary Americans”. The accomplishment surpassed all expectations. Through time the creation of version “T” has sold more than 15 million components of automobiles, and readily obtained the purchaser industry.

“Terror system” Henry Ford clarified them embedded controller platform. An obvious program of scheduling and control, Assembly Line manufacturing, steady technical series all of this led to how the Empire Ford functioned from an automated manner.

Biography Henry Ford first established in their enterprises minimum wages and 8 hour working day. However, going to improve the social position of workers, Ford chose to do it entirely on his own initiative. Therefore, in the future he stubbornly ignored the pressure of trade unions, which in the end led to a prolonged conflict with them in 1937-1941. Its factory was established sociological service with a staff of 60 people, which at that time was a major innovation.

Ford was literally obsessed with diet and a healthy lifestyle, fond of history of American culture, was no stranger to philanthropy. However, his public activity active anti-Jewish entry, cruise the world during the first world war, the attempt to become a Senator had mainly scandalous.


Believing in his own genius, Henry Ford began to lose flexibility and flair for innovation. In 30 years there have been major changes in consumer demand, Henry Ford, devoted to his previous concept, they are not taken into account. The result is a leading position in the automotive industry had to give way to another large company General motors.

In September 1945, Henry Ford handed over the management of the company (before formally owned by his only son with Edsel) to his grandson and namesake Henry Ford 2 and retired. 2 years later April 7, 1947 at the age of 83 years, Ford died.

Principles of management Henry Ford

Don’t be afraid of the future and do not take respectfully to the past. Who’s afraid of the future (failures), he limits the scope of its activities. Failures give only reason to start over more intelligently. Honest failure is not shameful: shame fear of failure. The past is useful only in the sense that it shows us ways and means to development.

Don’t pay attention to competition. Let the one who is better cope with. Attempt to upset or whose business is crime, because it means trying to upset in the pursuit of profit the life of another person and install instead of reason the rule of force.

Work for the common good raise the benefits. No profit cannot hold anything. Basically there is no profit in anything bad. Well established company, bringing great benefits, should bring a lot of revenue and will bring such. But the yield should be in the end useful work, and not lie at its base.

To generate not so cheap to buy and expensive to sell. Rather, it means to buy raw materials at similar prices and pay them with possible minor additional costs in benign product, then distributed among consumers. Conduct gambling, to speculate and to be dishonest it means only hinder this process.

Henry Ford in simple words teaches everyday life. The same simple words he explains and difficult industrial relations. The book is replete with examples. These examples invaluable experience models that are invented, implemented and working.

The simplicity of the analysis of industrial, social, economic and financial relations clearly shows the vital importance of the basic ideas of Ford:

  • My goal is simplicity.
  • Household is work.
  • Moral principle is a human right.
  • The prosperity of the manufacturer depends ultimately also on the benefits that it brings to the people.

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