The life of Benjamin Franklin Part 2

It is this way of speaking has played a very decisive role in the most difficult situations of Benjamin Franklin. People will subconsciously be on your side if you don’t blindly, foaming at the mouth to say something, but humbly Express the exact thought in the form of ideas for consideration.

According to the most Benjamin the principle of communicating with people has become an important factor that with him so early came to be considered respectable citizens. It’s quite fair to cite the phrase of one wise man: “Men must be taught as if you taught them not, and things unknown to present as forgotten”.

An interesting fact of life

In life our character was extremely a lot of interesting facts, one of which we now give. Franklin was very fond of fried fish, but with some time he decided to become a vegetarian. For several years he was able to do without eating animals. However, being in a long swimming and having a limited choice of food, Benjamin was sitting on the deck and watched as clean the fish and prepare it to fry.

Suddenly seeing that from the stomach of a big fish get a lot of little fishies he cried out passionately: “Well, if you each other devour, why can’t I be you”! Thus, common logic helped solve a complex, at first glance, the philosophical problem of how humanely do eat animals. Since then, Franklin did not raise the issue of vegetarianism.

Public activities of Benjamin Franklin

Being a very frugal person, Benjamin was able to do a simple food even when it became very wealthy gentleman. He believed hard work and dedication the most important qualities of any person and citizen. Not wasting any time to get-togethers in pubs or at the games and other amusements, the young Franklin worked in his printing press night and day.

When he is on the path to public life, his powerful and creative intellect gave rise to many social projects. However, the envious have to say that this young upstart wants to be glorified through public achievements, attributing them to himself personally. And this is what led Benjamin to change his position on this issue.

Since then, every project invented by Franklin was given the idea of a community or group of famous people. This practice has rendered a good service to the young worker and helped to implement many of his initiatives. For example, the city’s police and fire service in Philadelphia is, by and large, the merit of Franklin. Already for this sample is organized similar things in other cities of America.

Benjamin Franklin and his morality

In addition to outstanding achievements in terms of science and the polity of the society, Benjamin Franklin constantly self-improvement. He had a special plan where every week he watched the specific properties of virtue. Every day was celebrated in a special notebook, plus, if the quality was evident, and minus, if to attain success was not possible.

Benjamin Franklin and religion

I must say that although Benjamin Franklin was not a religious man, he still believed in God and that any religion is good if it is good and right in human life. Here is a brief are the views of Franklin, given by him in his autobiography:

  • There is one God who created the whole world.
  • By his Providence He governs the world.
  • He is to be worshipped by adoration, prayer and thanksgiving.
  • The most pleasing service to God is to do good to people.
  • The soul is immortal.
  • God will certainly reward virtue and punish Vice either here or in the afterlife.

Moreover, he made several prayers, and every morning saying them before God. Here is one: “O Almighty God! Generous Father! Merciful Guide! Strengthen in me that wisdom which would have opened before me the Truth. Strengthen my resolve to do what is dictated by that wisdom. Please accept my sincere deeds to Thy children, as the sole recompense my for Your tireless care of me.”

Daily schedule of Benjamin Franklin

On the Internet there are many myths about the daily routine of Benjamin Franklin. The following is the mode of the day, which is literally specified in his autobiography the scientist: Interested?

Hope short biography of Benjamin Franklin and his work has interested you and you want to learn a lot of interesting facts about this amazing man. Be sure to read the full biography of a genius. Your fun is guaranteed!

The author himself has repeatedly said that as handwriting is corrected at repeated repetition of calligraphic and your life can change with regular appeal to the biographies of prominent figures of all times and peoples.

We can confidently add that people like Benjamin Franklin do not die and go down in history as geniuses that changed the world. Read, develop and improve yourself every day, as in old age it will be too late to regret the meaningless of life lived.

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