How science fiction becoming reality

Now the TVs are not inferior in image quality to the cinema and have the function to play back 3D-images as modern video games have such colorful and vivid picture that the reality may seem less realistic than the virtual world.

Only the lazy has not commented on the impact of social networking on modern society, and not criticized today’s youth, who instead read books and play football most of the time sitting at computers.

However, this stereotypical view of young people is incorrect, because “buried in your computer” today’s youth often understands the basics of programming, web design and developing successful startups in the area a couple 10 years ago still existed. This generation will develop our world, to create new technologies that will change the future.

First of all, will be saved and repeatedly will increase the tendency to the creation of “smart things”. First, smartphones have become, mind typed televisions and other home appliances. Most likely, the number of devices with a high level of intelligence in the home will gradually increase, and the functionality of these gifted devices – to grow.

Great potential lies in the field of sensor technology, caring person. Now it is easy to meet a man on the street with a fitness tracker on your arm, even if this person has a very complicated relationship with fitness or any other sport – these devices also measure the pulse, serve as the sensor alert messages to your smartphone to measure sleep cycles and advice about lifestyle and daily routine.

However, such devices are characterized by quite democratic prices, making them accessible to wide circles of the population. In the future, the number and function of such sensors will increase – for example, sensors will be able to check the condition of the body and conduct tests, examinations and analyses, to prevent disease and to point out existing in the body problems.

More fantastic the scenario, even the advent of DNA sensors that predicts potential risks for years to come, and given the progress in genetic engineering and the fact that the cost of the DNA test for the last 10 years has fallen from $10,000 to $100, the emergence of such sensors is not only possible, but affordable.

In addition, significantly change the transport – now we hear about the success of Tesla Motors to create electric vehicles, and some European countries have adopted legislation according to which until 2050 operation of machinery with internal combustion engines will be prohibited. Leading car manufacturers are developing systems of self-control, and around 2020 in the free sale will be a fully automatically controlled machine.

Another unique project that we could imagine is that in movies about other planets – Hyperloop – a capsule that will transport passengers and cargo in the vacuum tube at speeds up to 1200 km/h is being developed for construction in the UAE and will hold the carriage already in 2021.

Soon the metro will be underground or not only the land but also the vacuum, as in Cloud Atlas.

High-speed trains economical and environmentally friendly engines, suborbital planes and space shuttles will become a reality in the near future we’ll be able to catch. And where in a bullet train without a smartphone and social networks?

In the popular British series “Black Mirror”, for example, shows a number of assumptions about this – in one series the action takes place in a society where the huskies in social networks have social impact and define the social status of a person, opening him access to certain privileges or, on the contrary, limiting it in some way. Of course, it is unlikely that in 20 years our world will look like exactly, but counter that can determine your social rating is launched.

Overall, all indicated changes are rather positive than negative – humanity continues to evolve rapidly and to improve your life every day. There is a risk that the development of any technology will lead to dangerous consequences, but in today’s world no one will use the new technology EN mass before the safety of their use is not proven, unlike how it was in the past, for example – with the invention of the x-ray machine. We have only to observe how science fiction comes to life and implement Industry 4.0 in our daily life.

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