The most popular literary genres

Genre (from the French. genre genus, species) the form in which births occur basic literature, i.e. epic, lyric, drama, in their varieties. For example, in the epic, tale, novel, story, in the drama Comedy, drama, tragedy, etc., in the lyrics, the message, the Elegy, epigram, song.

Some (especially beginners) writers ask the most stupid question what is the most popular literary genre. They think that their further literary success depends on their comparative marketing. And their reasoning is simple:

  • I choose a popular genre;
  • write a novel in complete accordance;
  • sell it;
  • become a millionaire very famous writer.

Alas, not living in fantasy, it is impossible to write an interesting fantasy novel. Just as it is impossible to “rivet” a good detective by not reading at least 1,500 books of this genre.

But leaving the mental moral instructive reasoning, let’s get down to business to answer the question, what is the most popular genre of literature. And this will build rating, having studied the situation in Europe, the States, and of course we have.

TOP most popular literary destinations:

  1. Fantasy.
  2. Female novel.
  3. Detectives from the life.
  4. Cooking.
  5. Books for children the more images the better.
  6. Training and educational literature, the literature on self-development.
  7. A business book.
  8. Spirituality.
  9. Mystical novel.
  10. Patriotic and pseudo historical novels.

TOP most popular “novels” genres in Europe:

  1. The “classic” detective classic in terms of ordinary plot, characters and action.
  2. Children’s books (share time tested classics authentic 55-60%).
  3. Mystic.
  4. A love story.
  5. Educational, educational, reference literature at the level of “Everything for dummies”.
  6. Modern European novel a novel with elements of mystery, mysticism, eroticism, paranoia, Dada and shocking. In General, everything that can be piled into him.
  7. The historical literature.
  8. Manga and comics.
  9. Books on cooking.
  10. Esotericism of the series “How to change yourself”.

TOP most popular topics for books in the United States:

  1. Women’s novels.
  2. Books for children and Teens good and instructive tales, novels and stories.
  3. Fantasy.
  4. Business and legal literature.
  5. Comics.
  6. Erotic literature.
  7. Trash.
  8. Modern mystic with pseudo sarcoma in Gothic style.
  9. Steampunk.
  10. Biography not just famous, but not necessarily successful people.

So, as you can see, there are plenty to choose from.

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