Drama Writing Techniques

A great number of cultures have a myriad of plays and various performing arts. Writing about drama can be quite challenging for some students as they don’t really understand what is expected from them what guidelines to follow.

What is expected from the student?

If you haven’t been assigned a certain type of essay, you are welcome to choose between a persuasive essay and an informational type of paper. The difference is that the informational essay aims at educating and informing the audience about a certain matter, and the persuasive essay should convince the readers to agree with your viewpoint.

While executing your drama research, you may visit your university library. Visiting a public library will also be a great idea, and of course, you are welcome to look through the databases online. Additionally, your drama research paper may require special formatting, and if you’re no sure about it, you may take a look at the examples or consult with your peers or your teacher.

Tips on choosing the best topic

Choosing an interesting and exciting topic is an important ingredient of the successful essay. If the topic is inspiring and really interesting for you, you will not just be sitting and staring at the screen without any idea what to write. Instead, you will have so many words to say and working process will be much easier.

You are welcome to pick a work of a certain author and to write about it. Think about the play and dramas you have studied, maybe some of them will be just perfect. Also, you may consider one of the famous playwrights. You may discuss his life and everything that inspired him.

Below you can find some general topics. You can surely narrow them, but they will give you a hint on what to write about.

  • A history of theater
  • The peculiarities of Greek tragedy
  • William Shakespeare’s impact on drama
  • European Theatre
  • Social issues in dramatic plays

In order to succeed with the assignment, it’s important to stick to the certain rules and to give yourself enough time for planning everything. First of all, adhere to the usual structure – the intro, the body, and the conclusion. However, writing a paper on drama in college may have its own structuring requirements, so it’s better to consult with the teacher. Also, keep in mind that a formal language needs to be used.

Secondly, make sure you have investigated the topic thoroughly and you’re able to discuss it from various angles and interpretations. Moreover, a thorough investigation will help in writing a thought-evoking story. Your paper will become as interesting as a well-composed play.

As it was mentioned before, you have to use a formal language, but at the same time, your vocabulary needs to make your thoughts visible. The paper shouldn’t be boring and dull.

Finally, do not neglect the proofreading. Check your writing carefully for punctuation, grammar, and stylistic mistakes. If you are not sure that your paper is clear and logical, ask your relatives or friends to read it, they will estimate it objectively and probably find the mistakes that you’ve missed.

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