Classic vs modern literature

Reading is not only one of the types of speech activity, but also a pleasant way to spend your free time. Reading English literature is required at any stage of learning. The main thing is to choose a book, based on your interests and goals. Very often this choice begins with the question: classic or modern literature? To answer this question in different ways.

“It is the good reader that makes the good book.”

The first option is still

It does not matter what kind of work you are reading, if it’s not original, but an adaptation. There are books to read, especially simplified in order to be able to read people with a certain level of English. By and large, it’s just a retelling of the work, which used a certain number of words, and used only those grammatical structures that are taught at this level. For such simple texts beginners can practice their reading. For levels Starter and Elementary, we can recommend just such a reading, because vocabulary and grammar of the stock at the entry level students is still very small. Going to Pre-Intermediate level, you can begin to read simple works in the original, but if the number of incomprehensible words and expressions is more than 30 to 40% better to return to adapted books.

The second situation in which the choice will be equally good is the Advanced level and above. If you do not so much learn English, how many support it in working condition and hone skills, read everything you like!

The second option is a classic

Classic literature of the twentieth century (and most of the works of the late nineteenth century also) is the best suited in order to develop the skills of learners reading. First, to start with you will likely be able to find a book that I read in translation, and have some idea of its contents. This will help you to guess the meaning of unfamiliar words in context and not stop every minute to the dictionary, thus detracting from the reading. Second, you can see examples of using all you have studied grammatical structures. This does not mean that grammar is for use only by classical writers, just read you have the opportunity to stop and think, analyze the text from linguistic point of view, why not do it in speech.

“Books are the training weights of the mind.”

Choosing a book to read, be guided by their own tastes. If you love detectives read Agatha Christie or Arthur Conan Doyle, I prefer adventure novels, try Jack London. Fans of the mystics suggest reading Edgar Allan, and fans of life the novels of Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

If you read books primarily for vocabulary, you should pay attention to contemporary literature. From there you will be able to learn those words and expressions that are relevant in the English language right now. It is no secret that people who studied English in universities, often elicit a condescending smile from native speakers, because to Express himself in the style of Dickens. Open to compare any work of classics of the early XIX century with all due respect to the authors and deep contents of their books, for a hundred years no one speaks. Now, when using the Internet available to us any literature, you can choose one that fits your needs.

Choosing fiction books to read, you open up new opportunities to improve their language skills. For example, after reading the entire Harry Potter you can watch movies or listen to audio books to practice listening, to find forums for fans of these books and practice writing, participating in discussions. In addition, the reading always seems more intelligent in the eyes of others. “Twilight” by Stephanie Meyer or “the da Vinci Code” by Dan brown do not seem so easy or useless reading, if you chose the original. Even the ladies novels this is not a way to kill time in the subway, but a means for learning English.

“It’s important to read because it’s really good for your vocabulary. It’s really good for your imagination. I enjoy reading because I find it relaxing.”

If you study English by Skype, your teacher will surely be able to recommend you buy the book, based on your language level and General preferences. In addition, you can refer to the popular ratings, such as 100 best books according to the air force or the 100 best books of 2000-ies according to the newspaper The Telegraph. You can choose yourself, the key is to read what you are really interested. Fascinated by the story, you will be more connected to a language guess, so the reading will bring you a lot of benefits.

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