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In today’s article I will tell you about the 3 best books on self-development that are worth reading.

7 habits of highly effective people (Stephen Covey)

Concentrate knowledge that will change your life. Stephen talks about the basic things of a new round of self-development.

Proactive thinking. Your decision should depend on your decisions, and not to be a reaction to the world around us. Enough to flow with it!

Visualization the ultimate goal. If you want something to achieve think about the result in the smallest details. Without a goal you will always be in a state of stress and worry about only what they say in the news.

The main things to do in the first place. Prioritization is an indispensable tool for all successful people. I never once said in his video 33: how to become successful in life. Don’t put off important decisions for later. Otherwise you’ll always be unhappy.

Always think strategy Won/Won. Lead negotiations, relationships, thinking about the objectives of other people. So you’re much faster to reach the desired results. When I started the project Hunter for ideas and looking for sponsors for his trip to the US, I was thinking primarily about the fact that you need sponsors, and myself.

First try to understand the interlocutor, and then to be understood. Another Dale Carnegie in the distant 1930-ies in his book “How to win friends and influence them” talked about the fact that you need to learn to listen and hear others. Talk less about yourself, listen and enjoy each conversation.

Achieve synergy in business. Synergy is the multiplication of resources through joint working. When you have two, it’s not 1+1 is 11! Along with other creative and open people you will be able to generate more ideas. I talked about this principle in his article “How to find successful business ideas”.

Do not stop in its development. Stephen Covey in “7 habits of highly effective people” says that you need to “Sharpen the saw”. This metaphor, he emphasizes the need for continued development. Books on self-development that are worth reading one of the most important ways.

Stream. The psychology of optimal experience (Mihaly Csikszenmihalyi)

Books on Mihai Cziksentmihalyi tells about the existence, as a stream. Here are some basic thoughts about self-development:

Achieve excellence in their field, love what I do. The only way you will feel the harmony of life

The main step of liberation from social control is getting pleasure from this.

People can’t have fun doing the same every day. You must constantly set themselves new goals and achieve them.

Brain. Instructions for use (David Rock)

Books in the depth of his brain. With the help of the book “The Brain. Usage instructions” you will be able to obtain explanations on the different reactions of your body. David, like Steven Covey and Michael Csikszenmihalyi, speaks about the control of their own lives. “Brain. Instructions for use” without a doubt included in my best books on self-development that are worth reading.

Do not be distracted. Don’t check your emails and messages as soon as I Wake up. Do not overwhelm your brain the most powerful device in the morning.

People cannot multitask. Complete 1 task per time unit. Doing several things at once, you will feel stress and will lose effectiveness. Do not inflate expectations. Remember the article “What are crying 25 year old” Lucy? NEVER STOP IN ITS DEVELOPMENT!

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