Best books for every smart person

To achieve professional heights, to be successful and happy, no need to change the world. We should start with ourselves learn to deal with their own shortcomings and to develop their best qualities. We have compiled the TOP 10 best books on self-development.

Myself MBA

This “tutorial” will teach the most important fundamentals of business practices. The book will argue that the correct self-education sometimes is not inferior in quality to the courses of MBA.


The book is written based on the course of strengthening the willpower of a teacher at Stanford University. She is convinced that willpower can be trained like a muscle. The more you train, the easier it is to use.

Whole life

Will teach you how to set ambitious, achievable and close to the goal. Will help focus on the Essentials and to waive minor. You will receive recipes on how to make it more efficient.

Be the best version of myself

This book will tell you all about what is real success and how ordinary people can become extraordinary. It definitely will change your life.

This year I…

This book is for everyone who wants to change their habits, begin to implement the data itself promises, and to make a difference in life.


100 effective techniques to keep calm. Professional business psychologist Sharon Miller shares the technique that has helped thousands of people become stress-resistant.

Get out of my comfort zone

Book # 1 self-development. It has been translated into 40 languages. Purchased over 1 200 000 copies. This book made Brian Tracy who he is now star and guru for everyone who strives for efficiency. The book talks about how to achieve the solution of complex problems, leaving the comfort zone.

The psychology of persuasion

This is a real encyclopedia of beliefs, a number of effective and ethical techniques for all occasions from the author of international bestseller, “Psychology of influence”. This book will tell about the psychological techniques, the use of which will help you at work and in communicating with loved ones. Studying the strategy of persuasion from a scientific point of view, you will be far more effective to communicate.

How to get your Affairs in order

On how to become the master of your life. The basis of this technique is the result of twenty years of the author’s work. Among managers it became super popular before the translation of the book.

The essentialism

The essentialism is not a strategy for time management or productivity. This definition is the most important task, discarding all unnecessary, and the maximum concentration on the things that really matter.

The paradox of the perfectionist

This book is about what is perfectionism and how to overcome this obstacle to a happy life. We all try to justify their hopes and expectations of others, trying to act perfectly. But it also hinders us to be happy. You need to give up trying and to always do the right thing and accept negative emotions as a part of our lives. Dreams and goals, motivation, brain and intelligence, productivity, psychology and communication, time management, willpower it’s not all topics. We have many more interesting.

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