Analysis of the novel by Mark Twain “The Prince and the Pauper” Part 2

And in the Palace, he first hesitated, confused, but so quickly and easily took possession of the habits of princes, although for lunch it was delicious food, and not leftovers and mold rind. The mask of the king it’s created for himself long before fortune gave a little beggar on a street is unthinkable high, and this mask came to him just right. He became interested in his fake life, we forget about the truth. Where only I have got a sharp mind and a sense of moral truth, so hitting the dignitaries That when the first time took place on the throne! The mask changes it beyond recognition.

And here he is in thrall to false notions adopted in the palaces, and the illegality of his claims to the throne does not oppress the conscience of Tom Kenti, although it was only a few weeks, as it began to consider the Prince Edward, which to him now do not want to remember. First, for him there was no difference between the king and the prisoner, and he sincerely wanted the king’s will was the law of grace and not the law of blood.

It amused all of these overseller, the lords of the bedrooms, seeking over it as over a doll, he couldn’t understand what had provoked the Almighty, that locked him up in a luxury prison, taking sunlight, Swire air, freedom and natural behavior, the ability to run and play is essential good it hungry, but interesting and colorful childhood. He even envied the boy who performed the strange position of the page for competitions and earning their bread by back, accustomed to lashes for misdemeanors Prince.

But the mask unbeknownst to the Volume itself becomes its essence. Anyway, threatens to become one. It is also good to hurt and so hard on the laws, considers unfair. However, the servants have it three times more than the real Prince. And what a pleasure to indulge in new outfits when I want, or occasionally pull up some arrogant a ruler, hold it with a look that included the death tremors.

He is even ready to renounce his mother used to abuse and starvation, have no place among the brilliant honor of the young pretender. It scares the idea to go back to your beggar a quarter, to change the red camisole in the dirty rags and again to beg or to go to the thieves. So the mask is at war with human nature and distorts it.

And Prince Edward, on the contrary, freed from the role, dutifully fulfilled almost from the cradle, and then the mask clearly is the face – great, not mutilated nor cunning, nor do easy the face of the child.

TWAIN once half-jokingly remarked that he feels confidence only to children and to fools – they alone have not learned to lie. All his characters – not the characters, it is very young: and Tom, Huck, which was considered blessed. They may not understand the complexities of the adult world, to judge him too straightforward and naive to do or to start a game when it’s inappropriate, but not evil, not subject to any lies or cowardice, do not admit of calculation, if it needs to silence the voice of the heart. And for Twain with all of creation, nothing more, nothing true, than unselfishness and sincerity to all of them.

And Prince Edward is. Even those who only knew him in the Palace, did not say that he is heartless and cold. On the contrary, Edward in his own sensitive and hotly rushes to defend the truth as he understands it. But here’s the problem: justice is tantamount to the Prince to his personal desire and whims. By itself, as a duty for everyone, it is Eduardo uninteresting.

He grew up in a world of elegance, idleness, flattery did not realize that the greenhouse is not the real world. From the real world it is carefully isolated, and he does not even suspect that there is another life, where a lot of violence, but have not forgotten how to appreciate friendship and know how to enjoy simple genuine gifts – serene day, a warm bed, delicious ear.

How hard Prince of the lessons of this life! All his ideas difficult. And he has to break itself, abandoning the habit at one myself to see as truth, considering his fleeting desires the need of the people, their quirks – the good of the country. But how painful it is to part with all that he believed in, not thinking, not doubting.

It is not strange that people change when they spin or drop to the bottom of capricious fate? Not strange, just a few miles from Westminster College Palace is the Yard Waste – and they are two worlds between which seem to have nothing in common? Or is there? After all, Tom Kenti, dressed in Royal dress was exactly the same as when it was Prince Edward. And the Prince, while he lived among the London rabble, better than Tom learned to distinguish victims from predators. And both were trying to protect good doing it innocently, but almost unerringly.

So, apparently, the fact that some are born in palaces and others in dirty shelters, some chopped nuts heavy of gold, while others rejoice in the piece of stale bread. The whole thing should be unequal in a bad system of society.

The last page of “the Prince and the pauper” Shine with joy. Justice triumphs. The thieves punished. The law of grace, not the law of blood to the throne of England gave the crown to someone who truly deserves because he is young and, therefore, a pure soul.

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