American literature of the 20th century Part 4

Deep hatred of fascism produced Hemingway a lively participant at the Second world war. He coordinated counterintelligence versus Nazi spies and searched on his ship to the German submarines in the Caribbean, then functioned as a war correspondent in Europe. In 1944, Hemingway took part in combat missions over Germany and also, standing at the mind of a squad of French partisans, was clearly one of those earliest who free Paris from German job.

Subsequent to the war, Hemingway transferred into Cuba, sometimes visited Spain and Africa. He strongly supported Cuban revolutionaries in their struggle against the dictatorship in the nation. He also talked a lot with straightforward Cubans and functioned tirelessly on a new book, “The older Man along with the sea”, that will be recognized as the peak of creativity from the author. Back in 1953, Ernest Hemingway won the Pulitzer prize with this particular glorious publication, also in 1954 Hemingway had been awarded the Nobel prize in literature for its narrative craft, once again revealed in “The old Man as well as the sea”.

Throughout his trip to Africa at 1953 the writer was at a severe plane accident.

Within the past decades of his life he was severely sick. In November 1960, Hemingway returned to the Us in Ketchum, Idaho. The author experienced several conditions, which put him at a medical facility. He had been at a deep melancholy, because they felt that the FBI agents watching him, hearing phone discussions, assess email and lender accounts. At the practice took this for a symptom of emotional illness and has been treated as great writer electroshock. After 13 periods, Hemingway dropped his memory and also the capacity to develop. He had been unhappy, suffered from bouts of paranoia and often looked at suicide.

Two days after, the area of release in the psychiatric clinic, July 2, 1961, Ernest Hemingway shot of your favorite hunting rifle at his house in Ketchum, leaving a suicide note.

At the first 80ies the event of Hemingway that the FBI was declassified, and the truth of Defense using a author in his past years had been supported.

Ernest Hemingway was undoubtedly the best writer of his creation and had a great and horrible fate. He was a freedom fighter, instead of warfare and fascism, and maybe not only by means of literary functions. He had been a good learn of letters. His personality is distinguished by brevity, accuracy, and restraint from the description of most mental situations, specific pieces. The designed procedure has entered the literature below the title theory of the iceberg because the writer gave the main meaning of this subtext. The major feature of his art was the truth, he was consistently fair and sincere with the own readers. During the analysis of his roles the confidence in the reliability of the activities, making the consequence of presence.

Ernest Hemingway is one author, whose works are all known authentic masterpieces of world literature and also whose works, without doubt, will probably be worth reading for all those.

Margaret Mitchell

Margaret Mitchell was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She was the daughter of an Attorney, that had been Chairman of the Historical Society of Atlanta. The entire family adored and has been curious ever, and your ex was raised within a feeling of testimonies about the Civil war.

To Begin with, Mitchell analyzed in the Washington Seminary, and entered esteemed girls College at Massachusetts. Soon after graduation, she began at The Atlanta Journal. She has written hundreds of documents, reviews and articles for Newspapers, also for four years that the work has become the author, however in 1926 he injured ankle which left her job impossible.

The electricity and liveliness of this personality of the author was evident in what she did or wrote. In 1925 Margaret Mitchell wed John Marsh. From this minute she started to list all those tales about the Civil warfare, who’d heard from youth. The author worked for it for 10 years. It is a book Regarding the Civil warfare in the United States, told by the Viewpoint of this North. The major part is, clearly, a more stunning woman named Scarlett O’Hara, the entire narrative revolves around her entire life, household plantation, and also a love affair relationship.

Subsequent to the release of this novel, the traditional bestseller, Margaret Mitchell quickly turned into a renowned writer. More than 8 million copies have been sold in 40 countries. He won prize in 1937. It had been made very successful film with Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable and Leslie Howard.

Despite lots of requests of buffs on the continuation of this narrative of O’Hara, Mitchell didn’t write a lot more of the novel. But the name of the writer, and her amazing work, will remain forever at the foundation of world literature.

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