8 Elements of Excellent William Shakespeare Research Paper

Pupils study Shakespeare in primary school, in high school and even University, as this is one of the most outstanding artists in the world. But not all of the students are glad to receive a task to write about the famous playwright, as they face a lot of issues with choosing the topic and structuring the work.

The most essential thing which needs to me mentioned about writing William Shakespeare research papers writing is that you shouldn’t consider the assignment as a simple work which is aimed at demonstrating your ability to conduct an in-depth research. Write with the thought that your paper will be presented in one of the scholarly journals. Even if it is not true and you’re not going to publish it, you should keep this thought in your mind while discussing Shakespeare as a play writer and a poet.

Choosing a topic

There were so many studies conducted about the famous playwright, so many actors have performed his plays and his life was analyzed so scrupulously, so it is hard to disagree that there are hundreds of topics to choose from. Choosing one of the works will be the easiest topic to discuss. You surely know what did Shakespeare write and your task will be just to choose your favorite play or sonnet and to discuss it comprehensively.

  1. The title of the paper

Here you have to state what is going to be discussed in the clearest way. It is recommended to use the keywords in order to make your writing scannable for those who would like to go through your work.

  1. An Abstract Page

An abstract part is necessary for allowing the readers to review the document quickly. Usually, an abstract includes not more than 300 words, and the characteristic feature of it is that describes each section of the paper.

  1. An Intro Part

In an introduction part, you need to present the topic in general and to provide the reader with some background information. For example, if your topic is “William Shakespeare – Greatest Writer”, then you’ll need to provide the reader with such information, as the number of works written by the dramatist, for instance. Afterward, a thesis statement should be introduced which will explain the point of your paper.

  1. Literature Review Section

In this part, one needs to summer up everything which has been done before you have started working on your project. Collect all the existing researches and synthesize it with your own findings.

  1. Methodology

From the first sight it seems that the methodology part can be included in the paper on social sciences, however, the William Shakespeare project can also include such a section. Here you are required to present the methods you have used for executing your study. For conducting the study one may analyze either the writer’s works or some completed studies conducted on the subject.

  1. The Results

The results part requires stating the obtained outcomes of your project. It should be mentioned that these results need to be introduced directly, and without providing your own thoughts and interpretations. Additionally, the results section should comprehensively explain the meaning of the results.

  1. The Discussion Section

The discussion part, which is also called the Conclusion, allows presenting the interpretation and the author’s own opinion on the findings. Also, here you may discuss the results generally and state whether you have reached the set goals. It is also necessary to indicate the limitations if there are any.

  1. References

The reference page is an obligatory and the final part of the paper. Here you need to provide a list of the sources used and cited in a project. The references will be helpful for those readers who would like to use the sources you’ve used in your writing.

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