7 examples of American literature that everybody should read

In American classic literature reflected the eternal truth which is of global significance. To read these works the duty of any educated person.

“Moby Dick”, Herman Melville

Ahab never thinks; he only feels only feels; it is enough for any mortal. To think the audacity. God alone belongs this right, this privilege. The reflection should occur in the cool and at ease, and our poor hearts are too much bashing around, our brain is too hot for this.

“Moby dick” is the Central work of American romanticism. Epic story about a violent, bordering on insane hatred of captain Ahab to the white sperm whale full of Christian allusions and subtle metaphors. Through them reveals the whole spectrum of man’s relationship with God, the natural elements and himself.

In addition to the deep philosophical subtext, the novel valuable from a cultural historical point of view. From any art books you will learn so much about whaling, both from the novel by Herman Melville.

“Martin Eden” Jack London

Love can’t stray from the path, unless it’s true love, and not sickly freak, stumbling and falling at every step.

The most powerful and profound novel of London can be called partly autobiographical: between the writer and Martin Eden have much in common. Perhaps that is why the book was so fascinating and philosophically problematic. The author tried to find answers to questions that have preoccupied throughout life.

“Martin Eden” is the most curious of American literature attempt to combine European Nietzschean ethics with relevant religious and socio humanistic teachings. The novel gives an accurate answer, why wait for Superman is pointless. From either side of the Atlantic ocean.

“The trilogy of desire”, Theodore Dreiser

Financial activity the same art, a complex set of actions of people intelligent and selfish.

In the series “trilogy of desire” includes three works: “the Financier”, “Titan” and “Stoic”. The novels are linked by a single story line and tells the life of Frank COWPERWOOD, a successful capitalist of the early XX century.

Dreiser not only gives a wide panorama of the socioeconomic life of the United States at the turn of the century, but also reveals the moral and ethical problems of the capitalist world. The world in which we all live today.

“Farewell, the weapon!”, Ernest Hemingway

The one who wins the war, will never cease to fight.

One of the most famous novels of Hemingway intertwined themes of love, war and humanity. Clean, light feeling between an American soldier and an English nurse arises in the face of relentless grinder. It also senses and is destined to die.

This antiwar novel a brilliant representative of literature “the lost generation”. After reading it, imbued with such a strong aversion to death, which is sown are people that you know, literature is the most effective tool against the war.

“Grapes of wrath”, John Steinbeck

Man merges with the place where he lives.

The great depression in the United States has resulted in an acute scarcity of jobs, due to which residents of poor States had to migrate to more prosperous areas in search of food. One such family that was looking for a better life, and tells the novel “Grapes of wrath”.

Pathetic, bordering on the poverty of American farmers creates a shocking and totally unexpected way of America. In the novel reveals the reality of the great depression, which cannot be found in the pages of any history textbook.

“The catcher in the rye”, Jerome D. Salinger

Boredom was terrible. And had nothing to do, only to drink and smoke.

Salinger’s novel has a huge impact on the culture. He is perhaps the most famous work of modern times. What made him so popular?

The answer is obvious: Salinger in simple language (it is not the censorship of the expression), acutely and directly expressed the position of the youthful rejection of societal values. Each of us went through the stage of this rejection, but each eventually became a prisoner imposed on his life.

This book is the longing for a better world, so far from the real, with its ironies, follies and difficulties.

“Cat’s cradle”, Kurt Vonnegut

Any romance writer can rightfully be on this list. No one comprehended the twentieth century better than Vonnegut.

Who ruled at this time, the madness and irrationality reveal its existence in the horror of nuclear war. And any war in General. What is the meaning of ethics, morality, religion, if the history of mankind is a history of wars and murders?

People weave their story, as if to tie strings around the fingers. Let this construction be referred to as a “cat’s Cradle”. Why? What is the difference, after all, no cat’s in the cradle, and meaning in the historical process, is actually there.

The author received for his novel a master’s degree in anthropology. Artwork was evaluated according to the criteria of scientific dissertations. It definitely means something.

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