5 contemporary books for the wide range of readers Part 1

Book Arsenal will once again represent almost the whole range of modern literature from “applied”, popular science genre to its artistic best-selling domestic and foreign markets.

However, there will always remain the book, beyond any seasonal hype fair sample. It is they, in my opinion, you should pay attention by visiting one of the most important cultural events of the year.

In his new novel, the famous adept of postmodernism in literature put forth another mystery to the reader, forcing him once again to ponder the eternal questions of life and death. And based on the fact that death as such, his concept of the future does not exist, the answer is in the ending was even more unexpected.

In the story, genetic and biological engineering in the world has reached such heights that patients with cancer or AIDS for big money frozen in a special capsule, to deny suffering, reviving to life when medicine learn how to treat their ailments. However, it would not be this novel, the international bestseller, if, in addition to a fantastic concept, did not present a “moral” ingredient the problem of immortality.

Healthy husband of the heroine wants to go with her to the “frozen” oblivion, falling into suspended animation. The son of the man from whom the child was born, opposed. “Everyone wants to have the end of the world” the same refrain is repeated the slogan of cryogenic immortality. Is not this a recognition of the impossibility to arrange their own lives? The technology of the future, thus, opposed to “live” life in the modern world.

A romance told inside this worldwide best seller, translated into 37 languages and offered at the sum of 67 million copies that sends us into the last year. Back in Poland at 1939, inhabited by Germany commences the travel of this personality… at the foreseeable future.

From the narrative, until the next world war, a youthful girl delivered to live with family relations at San Francisco, in which she falls into love with the son of the tiger that is Japanese. So on the fans are divided from the awful occurrences of pearl Harbor, a family group favorite delivered into internment camps. Love narrative displaced at the context of entire background, forming an no different, but instead the writer’s perspective around the occurrence of memory.

Then, the activity occurs at a nursing house in San Francisco bay area, by which a youthful girl gets to be legal professional 81-year-old heroine, assisting to establish order at the personal record and also the memoirs. The truth is that all that she wrote and heard in regards to the hot Chilean novelist can be actually a terrible narrative of love and life, exactly the exact same quickly whilst the whole twentieth century. How that her personality will be slightly similar to this destiny of this author of “the Western fan”. “During my entire life, I had been a stranger, – claims that the author. Was the girl of diplomats, afterward like a political refugee, also currently the Allied. I don’t really belong into some spot, therefore could discuss it, this can be my own adventure.”

A stunning incident that happened to the hero of this enchanting novel, in General, has quite a historical background. No wonder in early childhood, his native woman Justin “told me that half of the Galician emigrants went to Canada, and the other half in Brazil”. All the local characters of his countrymen in the “Old edge” (as in Canada and occasionally in Brazil called home, at which they arrived or their ancestors).

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