10 tips for writers Part 1

Writing skills are in demand in many fields journalism, copywriting, literature, fiction and non-fiction, blogging. If you want to write your own novel, to create any texts creatively and freely, use these ten tips that we have collected many books about writing skill.

  1. Make sure that your topic is interesting to the reader

“What can I say? Who am I? Why should someone spend time with me, and even more money?”. These are questions being asked by any author. First, you must realize that every person has a story to tell.

To start, determine what is your topic popular or specialized, for Amateur or person in the subject. Who do you want to tell your story? Whom it would be more useful? You want to educate a wide range of readers or to improve the lives of professionals in any sphere? It is impossible to please both.

A great story is always there. Inside destiny, your personal history, somewhere there is a rhyme: a meeting, an event that once you remember, and your imagination starts the process of creating history.

And don’t even always need personal experience. There are simple criteria selection and analysis, good your theme for public appearances:

  • the text needs to communicate something very important
  • non-trivial to explain important processes
  • be acutely useful for the reader,
  • to justify a fresh relating to the reader a pattern and give it a name,
  • to tell the story of bright character.

The reader expects that you’ll pick it up from routine into the unknown world. So create this world so that in him wanted to stay.

  1. Make a check-list of “good novel” (from the book “Literary marathon”)

If you have a desire to create their own novel, well the first thing would be to understand that you mean “a good novel”. Respond in writing to this question.

You can reply vaguely, and can be very detailed, first person narrative, superheroes, the Alps, the massive invasion of the evil elves.

How useful is this list? The fact is that if something is included in your reading experience, you probably will be able to succeed as a writer. The language, color and style decision for some reason cause the greatest response. These are things that you understand.

Such checklists you can make up for the fact that you have to write often articles, reviews, reports.

  1. Use the generic structure (from the book “easy to Write”)

How to write a story? Start small develop the ability to describe what is happening around.

Let’s do a little exercise. Look out the window and see the weather. Now write an informational message to ten lines a note about today’s weather. Happened? Now rewrite the news in accordance with these paragraphs:

News: a summary, event location, if necessary. A maximum of two lines. One suggestion that going to tell.

The essence of the news, the intrigue that preceded the event. Five lines. Explain in a few sentences why the reader should continue reading.

The status of the material (exclusive, transfer, is tops popular news portals, tomorrow will be all). From the status of the material depends on the tone with which you convey information. Three or four rows. “Talking heads” newsmakers and experts. Decide on the choice of the people, whose words result in text, collect their comments. Three to five rows. Planned optional elements: offsets, interviews, graphics, photos, etc. the Modern world is crowded with words. Everything can be turned into pictures and graphics better in this form and submit.

This structure is almost universal, composing these blocks, you can write about anything.

  1. Write small portions (from the book “Bird after bird”)

It often happens that plotting an autobiographical novel about his own childhood, or a play from the life of immigrants, or a treatise on… well, let’s say, the role of women in history. But to do it right is to climb the slope of the glacier. Feet slipping, toes blush, freeze, from the wounds oozing blood. Then from deep within the subconscious come to visit all your breakdown and are seated around the table. Don’t give them power.

“I breathe slowly and deeply and finally notice a photo frame of five to eight centimeters, which was specially put on the table to remember about small doses. Frame reminds me: need to write a piece. Little picture five to eight. That’s it for today. For example, now I will write only one paragraph about the place and time of action” by Anne Lamotte.

Say to yourself gently and kindly: my Joy, we now just write about the river at sunset or about the first date. That’s all.

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